Dustin Tebbutt


Dustin Tebbutt’s new single is a song of awakening; a song about falling in love, then getting up and seeing the world in a whole new way. As well as being the first single, ‘First Light’ is also the title of Dustin’s long awaited debut album, out now. 

“The simple story?… I met a girl, and over time she unlocked song after song until she’d inspired a whole album,” the singer/songwriter from Armidale (NSW) explains.

This new body of work is a marked progression. While ‘First Light’ emerged from the dawn of a romance, his first batch of songs – 2013’s ‘The Breach EP’ - had been inspired by a painful breakup, so these two releases are actually bookends to each other. 

‘The Breach EP’ earned Dustin a J Award nomination and was certified Gold in Australia. His following release, a seven-song mini-album entitled ‘Home’ (2015) written during the depths of a Scandinavian winter, was accompanied by a national tour in the largest venues he’s ever played as word of mouth spread about his distinctly evocative music. In total over 8.1 million listeners streamed a staggering 270 years worth of Dustin’s songs during 2016 – including Ricky Gervais, who recently declared himself a fan. 

‘First Light’ features ten new songs all written, produced and recorded by the artist himself with only occasional help from a few friends. Given the circumstances that inspired its creation, it’s no surprise that there’s a strong lyrical thread running through all the tracks. The songs also share a heady mix of yearning and nostalgia that will be familiar to anyone who’s ever experienced a budding long distance relationship.

“I know this isn’t the first time someone’s written an album about falling in love,” says Dustin. “That’s exactly why it feels so magical though – every time feels like the first time.”